Hotel Reservation Information

When to book a hotel room?

Online hotel reservation and registration information will be available January 1, 2015.

The 2015 NAYC hotel reservations will be handled exclusively through Connections Housing, which will offer hotels in the Oklahoma City area at discounted rates exclusively for NAYC guests. Hotel reservations can be made starting January 1. A credit card will be required at the time of booking to reserve your rooms.

What if I book our rooms directly with hotels prior to January 1?

Reservations made directly with the Oklahoma City hotels prior to January 1st are subject to cancellation and rebooking will be required.

What are the rates for NAYC hotels?

For budgeting purposes, the negotiated 2015 NAYC hotel rates will range from $85 - $174/night plus tax.

Why book with Connections Housing?

  • Rate assurance
  • No prepaying of guest rooms
  • Save time by having all the event hotels all in one location with pictures and descriptions of all the hotels
  • Book with confidence that all the hotels have been reviewed by UPCI
  • By using Connections Housing, you are supporting the hotels that support North American Youth Congress

Please note: North American Youth Congress hotels will not honor direct reservations.

For general information questions please email here.