Talent Search

Talent Search - Worship Arts 2017

*Sponsored by www.MyHopeRadio.com

Here are a few points of interest regarding the contest.

• Entries will be accepted from January 10, 2017 through February 13, 2017.

• Entry fee is $50 per category entered (plus processing fee)

• First place in each category will receive $2,000.00

• Second Place in each category will receive $1000.00

• Third Place in each category will receive $500.00

• The finalists will compete during the 2017 Youth Congress

• Email your questions to info@myhoperadio.com

• Please read all rules and guidelines below before entering Talent Search - Worship Arts 2017

My Hope Radio will conduct the finals of the Talent Search - Worship Arts 2017 prior to the evening services on Wednesday and Thursday nights. To enter go to  www.NATSUPCI.com and for the official rules and information.