What security measures will be taken during NAYC?

  • Lucas Oil Stadium requires credentialed security officers and medical professionals to be on site during all events, and the GYD has secured these services at the recommended levels for our event size. 
  • In addition to the required security officers, the GYD will provide more than one hundred volunteers to promote safety and responsibility in all NAYC venues, including hotels. 
  • Security checkpoints (including metal detectors) will be placed at each stadium entrance. 
  • All bags will be searched. Please do not bring backpacks or large handbags, as this will delay your entrance into the stadium. It is recommended that ladies limit purses to small clutch types. 
  • Weapons of all kinds are strictly prohibited.

Where is NAYC 2017?

NAYC 2017 will be held in Indianapolis, IN. General Sessions will be hosted in Lucas Oil Stadium and Split Sessions will be hosted in the Indiana Convention Center. 


When do tickets for Afterburner and other special events go on sale?

April 1, 2017 at 10am. Click on “Special Events” for more information.

How much are Afterburner tickets for Friday night?

Coming April 1, 2017


When registering my group for NAYC, do I need to submit a name for each person I'm registering?

No. You will purchase the number of registrations required for your group, but names will not be required. If an attendee in your group loses his/her badge you will need to represent that individual and pay the $5 replacement fee for a new badge.

When I reserve a hotel room how many people can I register for NAYC per room? 

Each registered attendee must stay in a hotel room that is reserved through Connections Housing. There is no restriction based on room type or number of beds that would limit how many can be registered. If you can fit them into a hotel room, you can register them using that reservation number.

After I register when do I receive my registration packet?

  • If you register between March 1st and May 1st you will receive your registration packet by June 21st
  • If you register between May 2nd and June 28th you will pick up your registration packet onsite.

If I pre-registered, do I need to arrive in time for the 12:00 pm registration on Wednesday?

No. This is for those registering onsite or who need to pick up their pre-registration packet.

Do I have to sit in the level I purchase?

Yes, you may only sit within the registration level you purchase.

Is entry time for the stadium based on your registration level?

No. There are no tiered entry times. Doors open for all registration levels at 5:30pm for evening sessions and 8:30am for morning sessions.

What happens if someone in my group loses their registration badge?

If an attendee in your group loses his/her badge the individual who registered the group will need to represent that individual and pay the $5 replacement fee for a new badge.

How late will the information booth be open on Wednesday?

The information booth will be open from 5:30 PM until 11:00 PM.

Do I have to register my child? 

Children 1 and under are free, everyone else must pay full registration.

What is the "Saving Seats" Policy?

Saving of seats in the stadium for guests who have not arrived will not be allowed.


What if I register for NAYC but have to cancel?

NAYC registration is non-refundable, but it is transferable. 


Parking Information

Click here for NAYC parking information. For questions regarding parking email here.

Will NAYC be live streamed?

North American Youth Congress will not be live streamed on the internet.

Dropcards will be available for $20 which provide digital media (audio & video) of the entire event and will be available for download Saturday, July 29th. They can be purchased at www.generalyouthdivision.com.

Will Dropcards contain the praise and worship songs?

No, NAYC 2017 Dropcards will contain audio & video of preaching only (includes all sessions). Worship is not included due to file size. 

Will the praise and worship songs be available to purchase in another format?

Yes, CDs & DVDs containing the worship sets are available through the Pentecostal Publishing House: CD & DVD

Will there be an interpreter for the hearing impaired?

Yes, we will have an interpreter available for those who are hearing impaired and a section of seats reserved for them. This seating will be in level 100. 

Will there be handicapped seating?

Yes, the building is completely handicap accessible.  Wheelchair areas are located in the walkway between 100 and 200 and on levels 300. Floor seating would also be an option. Visit the Lucas Oil Stadium website Guests With Disabilities page for further details.


Are vendor booth spaces available during NAYC?

Vendor booth space is limited and only made available to UPCI divisions, endorsed ministries (these can be found in the UPCI Ministers Manual), endorsed Christian/Bible colleges, and NAYC ministry partners.

General Information

For Indianapolis, IN restaurant lists, maps, etc. go to the Visit Indy NAYC Site. This listing has been provided by Visit Indy for your convenience. Please note the GYD does not endorse any of the listed establishments.

General Questions

For further questions not listed above please email here.


How can I help promote NAYC? - Coming 2017


When and where has NAYC been held in the past?


Year City, State
1979 Memphis, TN
1981 Shreveport, LA
1983 Indianapolis, IN
1985 Tulsa, OK
1987 Cincinnati, OH
1989 Memphis, TN
1991 Kansas City, MO
1993 Indianapolis, IN
1995 Little Rock, AR
1997 Nashville, TN
1999 Indianapolis, IN
2001 Atlanta, GA
2003 Nashville, TN
2005 Columbus, OH
2007 Charlotte, NC
2009 Nashville, TN
2011 Columbus, OH
2013 Louisville, KY
2015 Oklahoma City, OK
2017 Indianapolis, IN